First Employee-Centric Organization In Nepal

“If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood, sweat, and tears” – Simon Sinek

For all of our products & services, 5% of profits directly goes to, Thank you for your contribution.

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Industries That We Covered

internet explorer


We have multiple websites, where we share the world of information to help our readers to get the best information possible.

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Web Applications

Why should we stop on there? One of the most successful companies in the world serve users through mobile apps, so we do it as well.

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Online shopping is growing in popularity every day, nowadays most people prefer buying online products because it's never been simple before.

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Production House

Our company journey started from the passion to take best pictures, shoot best films and produce best contents that inspire world to make one.


Food Delivery

Food industry is never ending and customers always want to taste different things, also with great service. KB FoodNetwork is the main hub to handle all those.


Tours & Travel

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the world as our nature offers such a tremendous beauty, But the thing is not a lot of people know about this.


esports Gaming

eSports gaming is always a wonder, We are trying to host a eSports tournaments in the country itself so there will be more opportunity for the gamers.


Digital Marketing

Any good product or service needs to be marketed otherwise there is no point to make a extraordinary product if no-one know it, anyway.

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Fashion & Retail

Oh Yeah, Why not catching up the trends? With the most interesting clothing options that our customers can possibly wear in their mind Yet.

Hospitality Room


With this we are here for rooted in the commitment to providing exceptional experiences, industry prioritizes comfort, convenience, and diverse choices for patrons.


Cloud Applications

Cloud web applications revolutionize the way businesses deploy and manage software. With advantages like scalability, cost efficiency, and global accessibility.

eco awareness


At the end the thing that matters the most is what we have done to this world and to the people around us, what's the impact that we left behind?

Let's Build The Craziest Community

We wanna build the coolest company on the planet. Where everybody feels safe and charged up to work towards what we all wanted to achieve one day.

KB Group X Status

Get ready to
Blow Up.

SO far we’ve done very little, which is a moment of truth. And we absolutely believe we are much more capable of changing things up to differ the human capabilities. Indeed, we’ll be able to do that one day.


Everyday Lives

Improve your daily lives to get things done.

travel bag

Let's travel to see the beauty of this world and serve along the way.

Who left to live? only those who forget the beauty of this world and the people that we meet every day.


Unlock the human possibilities

It's never been possible for us to achieve everything by ourselves, and we know people are more capable of kicking things when they get the right leadership & working environment.

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Companies & Businesses That We Have Done Partnerships

Better to have a YOLO mentality that we have, to crush everything on this very competitive marketplace that we’re live in.


Coming Soon

Wait for it, It's coming soon - we believe in our vision as you believe in us.


Coming Soon

Wait for it, It's coming soon - we believe in our vision as you believe in us.


Coming Soon

Wait for it, It's coming soon - we believe in our vision as you believe in us.

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How we work ?

Everything is done in virtualization...

We believe in absolute technology where the future is going, so – to tackle that thing It’s better we start the advancement of the workflow of the company using different platforms altogether.

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Important Note

KB Group X

our product/services may not be working as expected for some of you. we apologize for the trouble, but definitely, we’re working hard on fixing it. feel free to contact us for feedback about our product/services. Thank You!


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