About Us

KB Group X is an [email protected] – Internet <> Company (not registered) based on Nepal, We work together to design, create and produce work that we are proud for the folks that we believe in. It’s our diverse brands that separates us from different task. 


Proudly Saying That We Are

Team of Insanity...

All starts with the Kunwar Bros AKA >>> KB Group and the X stands for the 4 triangles on each side of X, where we got the one spot for each one so it will be balanced from all sides.


Founder & CEO

“I create vision on my mind, but I shift way quicker.”


COO | CEO Of NEP Yatri

“I gather great people but they all went in trouble”


CFO | CEO Of Noob Wolf

“I’m sick of managing money but the company looses all.”


Executive | CEO Of KB Studio

“I tried saving money but it was BLAH.”

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