About Us

Welcome to KB Group X – The Beyond Community! 

We’re a bunch of folks working together to make cool stuff on the internet.

Our gang links up solving various problems through internet things like websites, apps, and online shops, creating a mix that’s different from the rest.

We’re all about giving you the best internet goodies, making sure they work well and don’t let you down.

Right now, we’re on a mission to turn our love for internet things into awesomeness. We hope you have a blast using what we make – because making them is a total joy for us!

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Sums up everythyng...

Community “Selfish is easy. It’s sharing that takes courage.” – Simon Sinek

Leadership “Good leaders share the credit when things go well and take responsibility when things go bad.” – Simon Sinek

Customers “Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” – James Cash Penney

Team of Insanity...

It all starts with the Kunwar Bros AKA >>> KB Group X, Which is the new formation of the people organization in Nepal. We started our venture in 2019.

Sagar Kunwar

Founder at KB Group X

“I create a vision in my mind, but I shift way quicker.”

He is an IT graduate student from Mumbai University 2019. After that, He decided to come back to Nepal and do something through the internet to expand the horizon of Nepal’s digital industry, Because he wanted to give something back to the country.

Yogesh Kunwar

Co-Founder at KB Group X

“I gather great people but they all went in trouble”

He is a Mechanical Engineer, Completed his graduation from Mumbai University in 2017. After that, He worked for multiple companies to manage inventory & run operations in the automobile field.

Alongside, he plays an important role to run the operations of KB Group X businesses.

Basant Kunwar

Co-Founder at KB Group X

“I’m sick of marketing but the customers lose all.”

He completed his BMM with an Advertising degree from Mumbai University in 2021. After that, He decided to come back to his hometown Nepal and handle the marketing & advertising department of KB Group X.

Omprakash Kunwar

Angel Investor

“I tried saving money but it was BLAH.”

He is also a BMM student of the 2018 batch from Mumbai University. After that, He worked as a sound engineer at Balaji Telefilms, and then he worked for NREYE Studio.

Alongside he supports KB Group X businesses financially. 

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